How to Buy Keto Strips

What are Keto Strips?

It is important to know that what are Keto Strips before buying them. Keto Strips are test strips that are used by the people following a Keto diet to check whether they are in Ketosis or not. In simple words, Keto Strips are used for the measurement of Ketosis. The working principle of Keto Strips is the same as pregnancy strips, but you can use blood as well as a sample in the case of Keto Strips. There are two major types of Keto Strips are available in the market, Urine Keto Strips (Which utilize urine as a sample) and Blood Keto Strips (Which utilize blood as a sample). The urine Keto Strips are easy to use for new people to the Keto Diet. So, Keto Strips is the best way of knowing that whether your body is in Ketosis state or not. But what is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the state of the body in which the ketone level in blood becomes high. Ketosis is actually a result of Keto Diet (Low-carb) consumption which has less carbohydrates in comparison with the normal diet. People use Keto Diet for weight loss. When you are on Keto Diet, your body starts burning body fats to meet the energy needs of the body instead of the carbohydrates. As a result of this fat-burning, glycerol and fatty acids are produced which are converted into ketones by the liver. The Ketones level becomes high in the body and this state is known as Ketosis. Ketosis is the indication that your Keto Diet is working properly and you are losing weight quickly.

How to Use Keto Strips?

As we have mentioned earlier, Keto Strips are of two types, blood Keto Strips and Urine Keto Strips. The use of Blood Keto Strips is very rare and for this reason, we will discuss the use of urine keto strips only. The Urine Keto Strips were particularly developed for check diabetic ketoacidosis in the patient of type 1 diabetes. You just need a few milliliters of urine as a sample.  The procedure of using Keto Strips is very easy and straightforward. First of all, you have to buy Keto Strip. They are easily available at your local pharmacies and even in superstores. You can buy them online as well. They are cheap and disposable. The life of Keto Strips is six months after opening, so open them only if you want to use them immediately.

Before discussing the Ketosis measurement process, it is very important to keep in mind that for the best result, you should use them early in the morning before breakfast or several hours after your last meal.

The Ketosis Measurement process by Keto Strips is consists of the following major steps,

Step 1: Wash your hands with a sanitizer or a good disinfectant soap.

Step 2: Take the sample of your urine in a small container. Usually, 10 ml will be more than sufficient.

Step 3: Identify the absorptive end of the strip and immerse it into the urine sample for a few seconds.

Step 4: After immersing the absorptive end for a few seconds in the urine sample, take it out and wait for the outlined amount of time of changing color on the packaging label of the strips.

Step 5: After color change, compare this color with the color chart on the packaging and determine the results.

Step 6: Dispose of the strip and urine in an appropriate manner and wash your hands with soap again. 

By comparing the color produced on your strip with the color chart, you can know the concentration of ketones in your urine. The darkness of color is directly proportional to the concentration of Ketones in your urine. 

Accuracy of Keto Strips

The Keto Strips are efficient in measuring the concentration of ketones during the first few weeks of consumption of the keto diet. During the first few weeks on Keto Diet, your body can’t use ketones very efficiently and for this reason, the measuring of ketones is very easy. But when you spent 1 or two months on the keto diet, your body starts adapting to ketosis, and measuring ketone concentration becomes difficult. In simple words, if you are in the early days of Ketosis, the accuracy of Keto Strips is very high, but if your body is used to the Ketosis situation, the accuracy of Keto Strips starts decreasing.

What to look for when buying Keto Strips?

Buying Keto Strips is very easy as you can get them from local and online pharmacies. But what to look for when buying Keto Strips? There is some basic feature which a good and high-quality Keto Strip must-have. We will discuss these basic features with you, so you can easily select high-quality Keto Strips without any difficulty.

Here are some basic features which you look for when buying Keto Strips for you:

  • The Keto Strips must be easy to use. There should be no difficulty in the working procedure.
  • The accuracy of Keto Strips should be high and they should be able to measure even a minute concentration of Ketones in the body. The Keto Strips should give an accurate indication of ketosis.
  • The Keto Strips should be lab tested by trusted and accredited labs. Always choose such Keto Strips which are verified by well-known laboratories.
  • The Keto Strips should be equally good for both men and women. Always choose such Keto Strips which can be used by anyone.
  • Never compromise the quality with price. The high-quality Keto Strips are always expensive.
  • Always choose Keto Strips manufactured by a well-known and verified brand. These Keto Strips will be much more reliable and very helpful in tracking your Ketogenic condition of the body. 

These are some basic features that you should look for when buying the Keto Strips for you. We recommend that you should try keto strips of different brands and choose one of them which produces goods results. It is the best method of selecting the best Keto Strips for you.

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